Voices of Pakistan Blog launches!

This blog is here to inform you on the efforts that local non-profit groups throughout Pakistan are making to support and assist the flood-affected people of Pakistan. It will act as an aggregate of user-generated media to tell stories of people affected by this climate disaster and raise funds and awareness about what is happening on the ground in Pakistan. The first phase is to raise enough funds to support the immediate needs of the flood-affected people: food, water, medicine and shelter. The second phase is to create a global community of sustainable developers and strategists to begin working with the local communities in these areas to ensure that this climate disaster does not happen again. We hope you will be able to connect to the stories of these people and see the common humanity in this disaster. With your help and awareness, we can overcome this situation by empowering the communities to lead joyful, fulfilled and empowered lives for the future. Stay tuned!