Pakistan Youth Alliance and Flood Relief

A video created by the Voices of Pakistan team highlighting Pakistan Youth Alliance and their flood relief efforts since the devastating 2010 summer floods in Pakistan. Facebook and Twitter have been key tools to allow for their continued work. Check them out at:

Winter Clothes Hampers Distributed in Dadu & Juhi by Offroad Pakistan

OffroadPakistan team would like to thank Nishat Welfare Organization [A. Sattar Ishaqani] and Naari Development Organization [Dr Meher Zaidi] for helping us to distribute over 1000 winter clothes hampers in the regions of Dadu and Juhi. The OffroadPakistan was able to identify the need to supply flood relief to Dadu [Nishat Welfare Organization] and also in Juhi [Naari Development Organization] in both places we were able to send winter clothes, kitchen utensils, food and water for families housed in these areas.



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"Giving up on Pakistan" an op-ed by Dr. Awab Alvi of Offroad Pakistan




This op-ed was drafted a day before Gov Salman Taseers assassination, erringly it talks about peace and the notion of blasphemy in Pakistan

Guardian and Mail: Six months after Pakistan floods, seven million remain without shelter

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"Why I Came Back" – Reposted from the International Herald Tribune


The writer, Samad Khurram, graduated from Harvard University this spring and is now running Khushal Pakistan (khush, an organisation to help the flood victims.

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