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Filmmakers Unite for Good Cause in Pakistan

By Jennifer Witherspoon

Yasi Mawaz Khan is an artist. She’s always been an artist. She’s been painting and drawing since she was a kid. So when her Iranian mother bought her a camera, she began to get very interested in photography and thought it would be “interesting to put motion to pictures.” She spent her formative years partly in Iran with her mother and partly in Pakistan with her father, until moving to the United States at the age of 17 to study film.

Kiazad Ehya has studied video since high school. His Iranian father is a playwright and actor and his French mother is a painter. Kiazad sees film and video as a “perfect fusion of performance and composition.”

Syed Shabbir Siraj is Pakistani by birth and has roots in India. His parents are from Lucknow, though his ancestors are originally from Iran. Shabbir, as he likes to be called, is a self-described “art lover.” “I have my fingers in a lot of things in the arts,” he said. Painting came naturally to him as a kid and he was always interested in storytelling.

Anna-Lena Isaksson grew up in Sweden. In high school she was drawn to radio and knew that she wanted to be involved with radio at some point. The news and media were always interesting to her. She studied radio and television broadcasting at San Francisco State University and has worked mostly in TV production since graduating in 2004.

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