About Us

Voices of Pakistan is a multimedia blog that informs, creates community and empowers social change in Pakistan. Our current priority is to raise awareness and funds for the flood relief efforts in Pakistan.

The floods that took place in Pakistan during the months of July and August, 2010 were the biggest recorded in 80 years. It cannot be compared with any natural disaster the world has seen in recent times. Heavy monsoon rains caused the Indus River to flood, submerging the entire political and socio-economic backbone of the country. As a result, 20 million people were displaced, homes destroyed, livestock eradicated and agricultural lands rendered infertile.

Out of this disaster an opportunity has emerged. An opportunity to empower local Pakistani communities and organizations to rebuild their lives in a sustainable and honorable way.

Voices of Pakistan aims to provide a spotlight for the people of Pakistan, on the ground, who are working to rebuild their country. Voices of Pakistan will provide a dynamic web environment to update the world on the progress and needs for rebuilding Pakistan through user interaction. It will give voice to the local heroes who are working to bring direct and lasting relief to the Pakistani people. 

Voices of Pakistan is an avenue by which people that don’t have a voice can have their voices heard loud and clear across the globe.  It is a web community where  people from all backgrounds can connect, inspire and support one another. It will allow individual donors to give to individual, grassroots groups in Pakistan. The change makers on the ground will be able to tell their own stories and will inspire others to participate directly in the change they want to see in Pakistan.

We envision the possibility of rebuilding Pakistan into a sustainable and just society, where local people are empowered to receive funds and rebuild their society as they see fit.